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Osteopathic Recognition App – Sample Answers

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ACOP is here to help you with your Osteopathic Focused Pediatric Residency Transition with:

  1. Osteopathically focused articles in the ACOP eJournal for your journal club.
  2. ACOP POMT for your osteopathically focused didactics, these can be found at http://www.acopeds.org/pomt-for-residents-directors/ and for CME and OCC credit for Physicians at http://www.aobp.org/OCC_POMTmodules.shtml.
  3. ACOP OMT workshops at our meetings for your faculty and resident development.
  4. A friendly venue for your osteopathically focused research at our ACOP meetings and eJounal.
  5. Osteopathic focused pediatric in-service offered by the AOBP.
  6. Osteopathic focused pediatric boards offered by the AOBP.